Early Termination of Probation


You May be Eligible for Early Termination of Probation

If you have completed all of your probation requirements, such as: paid all fines, fees, restitution, completed community service, completed any program ordered, and served any jail sentence, you may petition the court to terminate your probation early and successfully. 

Ordinarily the courts like to see that the person has served at least half of the probation period.  Each case is different and sometimes we can successfully petition the court to terminate probation even before the halfway point.  In addition, to make this petition, we ordinarily need to show the court that it would be in the interests of justice for the court to modify the probation order.  Demonstrating to the court, good conduct and reform is necessary, and a change in circumstances is often very useful.  Job opportunites, being accepted into grad school and other higher education are examples of circumstances that may help demonstrate to the court both that it would be in the interests of justice, that the person is "reformed," and that there has been a change in circumstances justifying the modification of the probation order.

Terminating probation early and successfully will allow you to be free of all court ordered conditions, and you will no longer be subject to any restrictions imposed as part of your probation.  Nor will you be subject to monitoring.

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Please call us today to discuss your unique case.  Every person's situation is different, and these requests for Early Termination of Probation are highly individualized fact-speciffic requests.  We tailor our Early Termination of Probation Motions to reflect the unique circumstances of your case.  What works for one person, may not work for another.